Showing Gratitude

I suppose this month’s theme is happiness. It’s been a rough one for me, likely because last summer was spent traveling the country without restrictions and this summer has been spent starring at a computer screen, attending meetings, and being indoors most days.

What in the world can I do to fix this? Well, as someone who generally likes to be in a good mood, I like to be the person who is able to lift other people too. I volunteered a lot in grad school and always had a good time high-five-ing strangers on Fridays in undergrad to celebrate the upcoming weekend. I spent sometime brainstorming things that I know would make me happy and I came up with what you see below. Starting July 1st, I’ve decided to make this year one of the best years of my life by doing what makes me happiest. There is nothing better than making someone else smile. If it were realistic, my goal would be to bring a smile to everyone’s face in this world before my time runs out. I’ve done small things on this list before, but never this many in a single year. Join the journey with me and help make this year one of the best you’ve ever had.


Gratuity Calendar

There are 20 squares on the Gratuity Calendar. Each square has five boxes you may check. That means you can complete each task up to five times throughout the year. Some of them may be easy and you may want to do them over and over again. Some of them may be difficult (I get why some folks may not want to go “Live” on Facebook if their personality doesn’t cater to it or if they have many friends they don’t know). I’m hoping that more people will begin to show selfless acts of kindness and help to make this world a better place.

If anybody has any suggestions of things they would like to add to the calendar, get in touch! I’d love to hear some of your ideas so I can add five squares to make this “calendar” more proportional. I’m hoping some of you take this seriously and are able to share how far along you made it by this time next year.


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