10527804_10201256799341828_673454663284758965_nNick Lopez is a wellness advocate and personal trainer from the small town of Genoa, Illinois. I completed my undergraduate and master’s degree at The University of Iowa and have a special place in my heart for Iowa City and the relationships I built while attending school. My interests include eating home-cooked meals, fitness, nutrition, traveling, storytelling, and happiness. I have been lucky enough to fist bump President Obama during his second campaign, embark on an epic roadtrip west of the Mississippi River for 77 days, and change the lives of numerous people through personal training. While this blog has a more serious undertone, it’s rare to interact with me in a serious manner. To provide an example, I had the nerve once to tell Cuba Gooding Jr. his best movie was Radio after being nominated for countless awards following his role in American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ Simpson. You see what I mean. You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram @lifeafterlopez or contact me by email here.