Ay Ay Ay, I’m on Vacation

It's Sunday, the 8th of July (that's impressive because days are hard to remember now) and I'm lying in my hotel bed in Springfield, Connecticut. I never thought I'd be here, but my buddy Kevin lived here through undergrad and told me to check out this gnarly pizza place. So I did and now I'm… Continue reading Ay Ay Ay, I’m on Vacation


Happy Mother’s Day, Mama

Started this particular blog post on June 30th, 2017 and I'm finally coming full circle with it. As a small caveat: Mom, I hope know you're proud that your third son just finished college. That makes three. Thanks for being there when we needed you and thanks for helping us grow up. Congrats, Sal! Have fun… Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day, Mama


Showing Gratitude

I suppose this month's theme is happiness. It's been a rough one for me, likely because last summer was spent traveling the country without restrictions and this summer has been spent starring at a computer screen, attending meetings, and being indoors most days. What in the world can I do to fix this? Well, as… Continue reading Showing Gratitude